Workshops and craft courses in Valencia

There are many of you who call us or come by our shop interested in whether we do craft workshops, so we have encouraged ourselves to do a search for academies or schools that do workshops and craft courses in Valencia in which you can experience your creativity and improve the skills that we are sure you have.

All the information that we offer you next we have obtained it through asking and a search of information attending to the own webs of the academies, reason why we are not responsible in case the information is not updated since we do not have a direct relationship with the academies that here we mention to you.

List of academies that carry out workshops and craft courses in Valencia:

Icaedro: Located near Aragon Avenue, in this space, there are courses of crafts for adults in which diverse techniques are worked in those that are the stamping, the sewing, the ceramic painting, enameled …. and much more. Prices range between 48 and 60 euros per month, depending on the number of hours you want to do, and schedules are free, so students can manage their time as best suits them.

As for example airbrush, sculpture or engraving, in this link you can see them all, in addition, this year they celebrate their 17th anniversary as an academy and offer several types of discounts. The schedules are quite extensive, being able to attend to class if you wish it even on Saturdays and the prices depend on the modality of activity that you choose and the number of hours that you realize. You can obtain more information in the following link

Creastu: Located in Burjassot, this is a shop that conducts intensive classes and workshops of crafts, is one of the largest choice of courses offered related to the various techniques that can be used to make crafts, in it you can find classes of restoration, decoupage, pyrography or gilding among others. The prices are 30 euros per month and the schedules vary depending on the needs of the client. On their website, you can find out more about them.

Puffin: In the neighborhood of Ruzafa, this is an artistic development space where workshops are held for children and adults, the latter, are focused on disciplines such as drawing, painting or modeling, but also include workshops focused on crafts such as crochet courses, recycling or thematic workshops in which you are taught to work with wood, wire or make patinas among many other things. Find out about their courses here.