Would you like to discover the incredible cultural, historical, artistic, folklore, music and handicraft of Sardinia? Visit one of the hundreds of interesting museums scattered all over the island, preferably with us.

It’s also a great alternative when it rains, when you want to take a break from sunbathing, when you want to develop the interests and horizons of your children during the summer holidays. The variety of Sardinian museums can be added to the list of reasons to visit Sardinia during the off-season, which I have already written about on my blog.


Here even the cat welcoming tourists at the ticket office has the name Vermentino! If you still know little about the world of wines, you will come out much smarter. If you are already passionate about this drink, you can ask here about every detail and aspect – the leading experts. The museum collects interesting exhibits showing the history of viticulture and wine production over the centuries and very modern and multimedia information about the modern world of Sardinian wines.

Leaving the museum, you can go shopping in a very well equipped enoteque, there are extraordinary “wine gems” on the shelves and stars of wine competitions at the world level. Of course, it is no coincidence that the museum was established in Berchida, in the region famous for its wine production, the famous dry white Vermentino.

The specific climatic conditions in this valley surrounded by mountains have created the conditions for growing these special grape varieties. A trip to this museum will also provide stunning views.

A great idea to relax from the fabulous beaches for all those who spend their holidays on the Emerald Coast. If you want to combine a visit to the wine museum with sightseeing and tasting in the vineyard, we recommend the following vineyards – the famous Cantinta Vermentino di Monti, the excellent Cantina Tondini in Tempio with the magnificent Vermentino Karagnanj, we can visit it on a Tour to Castelsardo and Tempio.

We also recommend the Un Mare di Vino vineyard in Berchida, to which you will have the closest wine museum, led by a very talented wine family with Gioachino Sini at the forefront, with an extremely innovative approach and winning wine awards at international competitions.

Where to stay overnight near the Wine Museum? For example, in the beautiful Country Resort Aldiola, in the boutique hotel Agnata or in the comfortable Hotel Liscia Country 4*.

If you like trekking, we invite you to the Wine Museum to take part in our Trekking trip at sunset to Mount Limbara.


Dispose of the minerals extracted from the cliff directly on the tanker? Such an idea could only come about in Sardinia. An ideal trip for those who spend their holidays on the Costa Verde. Come here if you love the mountains and the sea, and by the way you want to get to know the amazing history of Europe’s most original loading port.

In order not to spoil your fun, we will not give you many details, in any case, in Porto Flavia you will enter the dark depths of corridors drilled laboriously in the rock cliff, and at the end go out into the full sun over the emerald of the endless sea.

Porto Flavia is part of a very interesting history of the extraction of minerals and precious metals over thousands of years in the Iglesias region. The Parco Geominerario Storico e Ambientale della Sardegna, the Geomineral, Historical and Natural Park of Sardinia, has recently been established in this area.

It aims to use the potential of the old mines as a tourist attraction. Here you can visit many old mines and collections of old equipment. For me, the most interesting thing about visiting Porto Flavia was a conversation with our guide’s assistant, who told us about his father and grandfather who worked in these old mines. If you want to visit this original and very panoramic place with a Polish guide, go on a Costa Verde tour with us.

Recommended accommodation in the area – in S’Apossent at the master of Sardinian cuisine in one of the Academy of Culinary Arts, in agritourism with swimming pool and family atmosphere U Vito or in the amazing Hotel Le Dune in an old mine directly on the beach dunes.


Giardino Sonoro – a place undoubtedly magical and unforgettable! Come to the town of San Sperate to discover the story of a poor Sardinian boy who has become a famous sculptor and a very creative artist.

Thanks to him, an ordinary grey town became colourful, full of murals and artisanal decorations. The most important work of Pinuccio Sciola, however, was that he managed to persuade the Sardinian rocks to sing. The young and passionate guides also show guests around in English.

With a bit of luck, you will be guided by the artist’s daughter herself, who also played on singing sculptures of her dad in Poland, with Leszek Możdżer at the jazz festival in Poznań. The best way to visit this magical place is our Excursion to the Rock Playing Museum with a Sardinian feast in the countryside If you plan to relax at the Angel Bay, in Cagliari or in the surrounding area, this excursion should be on the list of your holiday attractions.

Where to spend the night in the area? We recommend a lovely apartment with swimming pool and a welcoming Lucio or Hotel Thotel in Cagliari.


Museo delle Bambole – a great idea for a trip for children. A beautiful, valuable collection of more than 1500 dolls from all over the world, collected since 1966. All dolls have been won by one collector Maddalena Ibba.

The first doll in regional costume from Quartet (a city adjacent to the east to Cagliari) Maddalena bought in Cagliari more than 50 years ago! For a long time she dreamt of creating a museum from her ever-growing collection. A visit to the “dolls’ house” is worth combining with a trip to the famous Ist Zuddas Caves, here children will also like it – nature created in these large caves formations of fantastic shapes, among others.

Dwarves and princesses. So it will be a real trip to the fairy-tale land. Attention – it will be even more interesting! Near the town you can visit the Necropolis of Montessu, and in it Domus de Janas, the houses of fairies and listen to the legend of mysterious little sorceresses who once came to Sardinia from a distant world. If you want to take your kids on such a fairy tale adventure, we will be happy to prepare it for your family.

But let us not take responsibility for your children’s decisions to immediately start collecting dolls and teddy bears on the scale of Mrs. Maddalena.

Accommodation in the area, which we recommend include family B&B Sunny in Pula and Residence for surfers in Porto Botte.